Richard McCammon, <span style="font-size:.7em!important;">MASc., ICD.D</span>

Richard McCammon, MASc., ICD.D

Daniel McCammon, <span style="font-size:.7em!important;">BEng.</span>

Daniel McCammon, BEng.

VP Engineering

Sadben Khan, <span style="font-size:.7em!important;">BEng.</span>

Sadben Khan, BEng.

Director of Structures & Mechanical Systems
Tayo Shonibare, <span style="font-size:.7em!important;">BEng.</span>

Tayo Shonibare, BEng.

Director of Avionics
John Dickinson, <span style="font-size:.7em!important;">PhD., PEng.</span>

John Dickinson, PhD., PEng.

Technical Advisory Board
Cathy Welling, <span style="font-size:.7em!important;">ICD.D</span>

Cathy Welling, ICD.D

Board of Directors Chair